Welcome to Historic Equity, Inc.

Historic Equity, Inc. (“HEI”) is a State Historic Tax Credit (“SHTC”) investor specialized in maximizing benefits to owners of historic rehabilitation projects. Since 2001, HEI has invested in over 100 projects located in Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Texas, with qualified rehabilitation expenditures (“QRE”) totaling over $600 million.

HEI would like to invest in the SHTC generated by your Historic Rehabilitation Project. Depending on the state and project size, HEI can deliver pricing of up to $0.93 per $1.00 of SHTC. Even if you already have selected a prospective purchaser, we will work with them to properly structure the SHTC investment to maximize the owner’s benefits. Recent IRS “Safe Harbor” Guidelines for Historic Tax Credits increased the importance of properly structuring SHTC investments early in the project.

 HEI will draft preliminary documents for you to consider:

  • A project Organizational Chart
  • HEI’s Term Sheet
  • A draft Operating Agreement for the Project Manager
  • A Tax Credit Purchase or Allocation Agreement

HEI Projects

A list of some past and current projects.

Year Project Worth Website
2003 Coronado, St. Louis $36M Coronado Apartments
2004 Lindell Towers, St. Louis $20M Lindell Towers
2004 President Hotel, Kansas City $50M Hilton President Kansas City
2005 Moolah Theatre, St. Louis $10M Moolah Theatre
2008 TWA Building, Kansas City $20M TWA Administrative Building
2009 Power House – Cannon $8M Cannon Design Power House
2010 Raphael Hotel, Kansas City $20M Raphael Hotel
2011 Hotel Blackhawk, Davenport $36M Hotel Blackhawk
2014 Power and Light Building $31M Power and Light Apartments
2015 Heer’s Building, Springfield $17M Heer’s Luxury Apartments